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Parenting Magazine:
                          What Really Matters to Moms

Monday, April 3rd, 2006

What the hell is that all about? The tagline of the magazine spells out that it is just for Moms. Where is Dad’s magazine? OK, there may in fact be a Dad’s magazine…I’m frankly too lazy to look.

Welcome to Baby Roadies.

We hope it will be a repository for products, gear and information for guys who have kids or are expecting kids, or are maybe perverts who like looking at products for little kids. OK, that last group is not invited. I’m sure there are plenty of websites for you, but this ain’t it.

So if you know of something cool or funny or all-around lifesaving regarding kids, send it on to us at babyroadies at gmail dot com and spread the word brother!

Our voices will be silent no longer!

- Zac