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Uh…are you sure about that name?

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

GrossApparently the folks at Playskool were really excited about their diapers called Plushies and didn’t do any research about what the name means in some circles:

What is a Plushie?

A plushie is simply what most people call a stuffed animal or a plush animal. Plushies can be almost any size from a few inches to six feet tall, or larger. Plushies are usually made in the form of some type of animal, with bears and bunnies probably being the most common. Plushies are usually covered in soft plush material, however this is not always the case. Some plushies are made out of smooth nylon, felt or some other fabric. They are generally stuffed with soft polyester fiber. Beanie babies are also considered to be plushies, as are many handpuppets. Sometimes the word plushie is used as a short term to refer to a person who is a plushophile.

What is a Plushophile?

A plushophile is someone who loves plushies. This can be for any reason and ranges anywhere from those who love to collect them to those who like to cuddle, sleep with or who become sexually involved with their plushies. Many, probably most, plushophiles are also furries. It is never safe to assume that particular plushophiles are sexually active with plushies, nor that they are inactive with people because of their plushophilia. Each individual is different.

“Each individual is different.” Yes. Yes they are.

- Zac

Stick with me here…

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

So check out this photo: What do you see?

Not what you think

You see a couple doing the freaky-deaky, right?

…research has shown that young children can’t identify the intimate couple because they don’t have prior memory associated with such a scene.

What they WILL see is the nine dolphins in the picture!

If it’s hard for you to find the dolphins, look at the space between her right arm and her head, the tail is on her neck, follow it up. Look at her left hip, follow the shaded part down, another one, and on his shoulder.


- Zac

Top 5 Parental Sex Aides

Sunday, January 21st, 2007

The fellers over at DadCentric has a humorous list of the Top 5 Parental Sex Aides for 2007, and while Vaseline, Play-Doh and Grandparents are on the list, it might not be for the reasons you’re thinking of.

- Zac


Saturday, November 4th, 2006


Can I just say I cannot wait until my kid starts drawing.




- Zac



Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

ThisMr. Toad's Wild Ride might fall under the “too much information” category, but I have to bring it up. In all the advice-laden encounters I had with other dads leading up to Oscar’s birth, no one had the common courtesy to tell me the six weeks following the delivery would be my horniest to date.

First of all, Jackie’s on plant shut-down until her six-week midwife checkup, and knowing I can’t have sex is the world’s most potent aphrodisiac. Then there’s the living, breathing testament to my virility living in my house constantly reminding me of his existence. It’s getting to be ri-goddamn-diculous.

Am I a unique case, or is this just some dark dirty secret about fatherhood everyone decided to keep from me?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find a tree with a knot in it.

- Matt