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Sunday, January 20th, 2008

So ever since my kid has learned to say “More TV” we’ve been watching some Thomas and Friends on the trusty Tivo, but I have a couple of weird questions:

1. Is the word “Train” trademarked? You never hear them say the word on the show (which is weird because the show is all about trains). They say Engine or Tank Engine or Tram or Diesel or any number of other things, but I have yet to hear them say the actual word “Train” in any of the episodes I’ve seen.

2. The narrator keeps using a word that sounds like “Weeged” or “Weesh’d” as a verb. Kinda like Dianne Wiest or a French cartoon character saying “Wished.” “‘That was a close one,’ weeged Percy.” It isn’t sighed or exclaimed…more like a relieved declaration, and I really don’t think it is “wheezed” either. Anyone? Is this some British thing?

P.S. Looking for things like these is the only way to keep yourself sane on the 37th re-watching of the same show. When I try to turn on Sesame Street or something, he looks at me like I’m crazy and says “No.  More TV.”

- Zac