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Do they make Baby Denorex?

Saturday, October 21st, 2006

Like The Desert Needs RainMy kid’s scalp is so gross right now.

He totally looks like if they made lizard wigs for newborns, that’s what he would be wearing. It’s all scaly and flaky like a photo from the Mars rover.

PJ called it “Cradle Crown” but I think it may actually be scurvy. Can you still get that? Does anybody have any limes?

- Zac

Terrible Twos Album Release

Friday, October 20th, 2006

Longtime Baby Roadies readers will remember when I originally gushed the praises of the New Amsterdams side-project The Terrible Twos. I said I’d post again when their debut record finally got a release-date, and I don’t break blog-promises. According to the band’s official site If You Ever See an Owl will be in stores via Rhino Kids in January. However, they say they’ll be selling the CD on their site before Christmas.

I can’t recommend the album enough. We’ve listened to it probably a hundred times, and it totally holds up.

In case you missed them last time, here are two mp3s:

When I Get to Eleven


- Matt


Saturday, October 14th, 2006

Doctors Love MoneySo we got the bill from the U of M hospital for the birth of the parasite our little bundle of joy:

Lord willin’ our insurance will cover the lion’s share of that, but still, that’s a hell of a bill to get in the mail.

The Breakdown:

Four Days

A million hours of labor

and a surprise c-section.

Nursery – 2 Days @ $713.00
Room – 2 Days @ $1038.00

Pharmacy – $1030.54
IV – $26.00
Medical Supplies – $825.00
Labs – $460.00
More Labs – $34.00
Operating/Treatment Room – $504.00
Anesthesia – $1,463
Pulmonary Function – $195.00 (uh…doesn’t the heart usually take care of that on its own?)
Audiology – $513.00
Recovery Room – $661.00 (for the two hours we were there)
Delivery Room/Labor Room – $3,202.00

I don’t believe they’ll take him back, so we might as well keep him, but I will make sure he always knows: I could’ve bought 41 iPods for what he cost me. Now go mow the lawn.

- Zac

Mo Problems, Less Money

Friday, October 6th, 2006

I got my paycheck today, and for a minute I couldn’t figure out why it was less money than I usually get. Once I looked at the kick in the pants that is my HMO payment, now that the kid is on my insurance, it all made sense.

The Wall Street Journal had this article today saying how much it costs to raise a child from birth to 17 years old.A US Dept of Agriculture study says it costs, on average, $279,450 total over 17 years, with another $134,693 for college tuition after that.Knowing that they don’t take into account the opportunity cost of the money, I decided to see how much it really costs – what you’re really giving up.

I split the $279k into equal annual payments, tacked on another 4 years for college living expenses, added the tuition payments in annual increments, and compounded the annual amounts by an 8% rate of return (assuming the payment would go into equities at 10%, decremented by a 2% inflation rate).

At the end of the day, your real opportunity cost of having that kid is $981,017 – that’s what you would have, in real dollars, at the end of 21 years instead of a kid.

So I hope you’re telling your kids they’re worth a million bucks to you… because that’s what you’re paying for each one