To Grup or not To Grup?

So all of the sudden there is this new term being invented — Grups. It comes from a Star Trek Episode:

“Grups is a nerdy reference to an old Star Trek episode in which Kirk and crew land on a planet run entirely by kids, who call grown-ups grups. All the adults have been killed off by a terrible virus, which also slows the natural aging process, so the kids are trapped in a state of extended prepubescence. They will never grow up. And they are running the show.”

This article by Adam Sternbergh in New York Metro is really well written. He interviews Andy and Dominique from Ivy and Neal Pollack and really defines what he’s talking about.

Rad Dads

“They are a generation of affluent, urban adults who are now happily sailing through their thirties and forties, clad in beat-up sneakers and cashmere hoodies, content that they can enjoy all the good parts of being a grown-up (a real paycheck, a family, the warm touch of cashmere) with none of the bad parts (Dockers, management seminars, indentured servitude at the local Gymboree). Itís about a brave new world whose citizens are radically rethinking what it means to be a grown-up and whether being a grown-up still requires, you know, actually growing up.”

The real differences I see between these Grups and myself is that they’re willing to spend a whole lot more money on clothes than I am, and I have to say I’m not a fan of the term itself…despite its nerdy origin, it still sounds like “Grubs” to me, which I can’t get down with.

Still, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only guy hurtling toward middle age with a decent record collection, an affinity for the odd gadget and who still feels like a 13 year old kid the vast majority of the time, wondering when the school principal is going to come in and tell the world that I haven’t passed the grown-up test yet.

- Zac

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