In Praise of Sea Bands

Sea no EvilWhen PJ was in her first trimester, we were pretty much ready to try pretty much anything to stop her from throwing up. Nothing worked perfectly…small meals eaten often usually helped, eating pretzels worked too, staying away from dairy, sipping ginger ale, etc. All of these methods helped, but nothing really did the trick completely.

BorgOne day in a fit of vomit-avoidance, I bought a set of sea bands at our local drug store and I’ll be damned if they didn’t work pretty well. They look like something Bjorn Borg would have worn: wristbands with a little plastic nub on the inside, and I guess that little plastic tab uses some kind of voodoo (or possibly hoodoo) presses on your nervous system somehow and supresses the barfy feeling. I wore them for a while and I could tell there was something going on…I didn’t really feel sick beforehand, so I dunno what exactly it was doing but PJ swore it was helping, and at that stage of pregnancy, that’s worth it.

- Zac

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