How to Play Poker

Playing poker has become no holds barred with thirty seven online poker sites to choose from and new ones springing up every month. Whether it’s a weekend game, a long term poker goal or a quick $1.00, you can find all the styles of poker games online today.

The growth in casino poker and card games is beyond the growth in revenue from online gaming. Playing poker itself has actually grown in interest over the last year and the biggest poker rooms such as Party Poker and Poker Stars have built enormous popularity in a short amount of time. On top of that, poker tournaments are on the rise with hundreds of satellites to big events available to the willing poker player. Chris Moneymaker, Greg “Fossilman” Raymer, and Joseph Hachem are a few of the professional poker players who haveearned nearly a million dollars in tournament play last year alone.

When you combine the popularity of poker and the revenue provided by online gaming, you have what I believe can be coined a new term of super star poker player. The term super star poker player is used to describe the on the internet poker players who make a name or score big in poker tournaments. By increasing the number of players that understand poker, you are increasing your chances of becoming a poker star and making a run for the top spots in poker tournaments.

There is another additive advantage to playing in online poker rooms. You don’t have to tell your real life poker opponent that you are new to the game. In these age and time old traditional casino poker games you tend to make eye contact with your poker opponents. It’s really not necessary. In online poker you don’t have to worry about a lot of things like that. You are able to focus more on the game and really eliminate any unnecessary emotion from your opponents. learners as well as the poker star can often minimize an opponent’s ability to read your tells to an extent.

Online poker, in my opinion is far better than playing in a standard casino. Not only is there no commute or driving to and from the casino, but also you never have to spare your friends and family the expense of Actually going to the casino. If you and your friends are not poker zaniest, you can all just play from the comfort of your home and never have to bother your friends. Money is so cheap these days, even for gas, and you can always tell your friends that you are playing a “side” game and that you are “dating” a player from another site because you are not paying for your drinks.

The atmosphere of the poker room is also dramatically improved over playing in a standard casino. In a crowded casino there is a lot of activity and noise. When you play online, you can put the television off, put the children to bed or prefer to play in your leisure suite with complete quiet. The only other noise if you are playing in a crowded casino would be the slot machine going for a breather. In online poker rooms, you can usually find a quiet corner for your slot machine.

Texas Holdem

Another example of an alternative recreation game is Texas Holdem. The poker phenomenon is sweeping the nation. Every televised poker event these days consists of game of Texas Holdem, the particular game has no discernible pattern and many of the matches are no more than a celebrity match aired to promote a major celebrity, or political leader. The World Series of Poker, while it has a World dimension, is more of a chess match than a poker game. The World Poker Tour has recently downgraded its participants to ‘ushortchips’, the short term Brown-Formica variant of poker. The World Poker Tour has many more Brown-formica-playing, so-called super-stars now than it does poker players. The recent World Series of Poker features as super-stars: Phil Ivey, billionaires Sam Angel and Antonio Esfandiari, the legendary Doyle Brunson, and on television, Chris Moneymaker and Jamie Gold. So, it is of interest that the World Series of Poker should celebrate its 60th anniversary in May of 2006. That date will also be the date when the new modern mixed hold’em version of poker starts to make its debut. Oh, and, the WPT will attempt for the first time in its history to narrow its final table to two players. No, it won’t happen, but some day we may all look back in envy at the first version of the modern version of poker, the one that was born, said to have occurred some time ago, and that has a name of Tiger Woods.