Number 7 – Is It A Lucky Number?

Who said that number 7 was random? Actually it wasn’t, because in ancient times it was called the number of magic. More than that, it was the number of great men, fromados to adepts. Today, on the other hand, it is the number of money, the most money one can touch it and it holds a special place in the Oklahoma Pick 3.

In the Pick 3 lottery there are 7 numbers you can choose from and here they are, from lowest to highest:

azard, blo, big, big slick, mortar, mar, dog, fish, bum, bird. Take a look at the highlighted numbers and you will see an overloaded frequency of winning numbers. If you want to win the Pick 3 then it is a good thing to choose, too. These numbers provide more winners than all combined.

In the VA pick 3 Midday drawing there are a total of 23 numbers and the price is $1.00 to play. That is the least if cost you find in the Pick 3. In the midday Houston Rockets play, the price for this draw is $2.00 to play. The maximum you can bet is $5.00. The Pick 3 has a total of 25 spots and each one will give you at least 2 paid wins. This is directly below the flaw of the straight cash Pick 3. If you want to win nothing and just join the infamous internet lottery, this is the right wheel to go with.

Straight cash games are not as good as the play out of the money systems. If you think about it, the overall odds of winning are quite low. You might want to bet the actual odds of winning – which is much lower. Avoiding the straight cash and going for games of chance is definitely the best way to win money.

To be a winner you should be sensible while choosing the numbers, don’t pick numbers with the number of significant digits and avoid playing with the wheel, it brings its own “luck” to the game and a spin can change the order of the final prize. If you feel that your numbers are better than the rest use the wheel technique to remove the numbers that are less significant.

Avoiding the straight cash and playing with the cards is the best way to win the Pick 3. Go for a game in which the odds are less and try to win the prize as “safety net” while you still have the chance to win. Or better yet, be like the many investors who bet on the NCAA and NFL and pick the underdog teams, this ensures a win for you despite being a very good team being handicapped.

The more the crowd bets on their chosen team, the more money you have in the bank. Charlton Athletic football team is handicapped more by the fans and yet they win the match. Although the team is very good, the oddsmakers have named them the favorite. This happens because the more the number of people betting, the more the team is handicapped.

If you are a football enthusiast and you have decided to bet, do not put all your money on one game. Put a bet on the match that is the most advantageous to you. Betting in running will separate you from the rest of the bettors and encourage you to be more specific in your betting.

However, you might be reminded that even if a team is handicapped, they can still win the match, so it is still a good idea to bet on the team that has a higher chance of winning, even if they are handicapped. Betting at the right time can also be helpful. Avoid betting during the desirable time because the winning probability of the team is considerably low and it is a period that is pretty unpredictable.

However, while betting, be cautious and spread your bets. It is lot easier to bet in running than it is in single bets. Be more specific in those cases, and you will be sure that you will have a high probability of winning a lot of money.