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Neil Patel, Forbes Top 10 Marketer, says that sponsored blogging is the best way to inbound market. Your schedule will dictate how many posts you should make, but we recommend at least two blog posts per week to build organic traffic from blogging. You will need to have around 125 quality blog posts in order to see strong organic traffic gains. It will also take at least 6 months for your content rank well in Google’s search results. To reach the 125 blog post threshold, you may consider initially writing up to 6 blog posts a week to reach that total faster, then go back down to around 2 once you are in “maintenance mode”.

Learn To Increase Your Visibility With Real Estate Content Marketing [Ebook] – Search Engine Journal

Learn To Increase Your Visibility With Real Estate Content Marketing .

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We perform search algorithm change proof optimisation tasks weekly to ensure your website moves up the ranks steadily to Page One. There are 10 top spots on the first page of Google – those that put in sustained quality work, win. A successful SEO campaign requires regular, fresh content and backlinks. Another SEO trap to avoid is only using one real estate keyword phrase at a time.

Their search terms are your campaign keywords, and we’ll use these to determine the best way to attract them to your website. Every project begins with me getting to know you and your goals. I then conduct keyword research to identify the terms your potential clients are using to find businesses like yours. Once I have a good understanding about the keywords I should target, I can help you optimize your website for those keywords.

  • Their team is made up of some of the best award-winning real estate agents with unsurpassed local sales expertise.
  • Second, see if you can find districts of that main area, like Central Texas and Northeast Texas.
  • If you want to rank highly for your chosen keywords, your website and its content need a smart structure.
  • When you’re in the business of being a market leader and selling properties in a competitive market.
  • It is a challenge for both rookie and experienced agents to compete against one another.
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It’s possible that your content will be searched for by people who are looking for the same information as you. Your website content not only needs to contain your selected keywords, but it should also be organised logically. Your website and content must be well-structured if you want to rank high for your chosen keywords.

That’s not the type of SEO agency Auckland businesses need, so we don’t operate like that. We focus on the content that your prospective customers want to see so that you can generate targeted traffic instead of unwanted visitors. With the ability to deliver a holistic digital marketing strategy, we use local SEO and content marketing approaches to direct those customers that convert straight to hard work to get you and your business to where you want.

Using landing pages with email lists can help convert leads into clients. New Zealand’s real estate industry is highly competitive. Too many agents fight for their clients. Limited properties as new in your local area entrants keep coming in. It is a challenge for both rookie and experienced agents to compete against one another. Rookies must compete with the experience, connections, and skills of experienced agents.

These days with the widespread use of mobile devices with location tracking, it is more important than ever to rank highly on SEO Queenstown organic results on search engines like Google. Our goal is to ensure that more people can find your business in your area. SEO is a powerful tool to increase sales. It attracts the right visitors to your website, keeps them there longer, and persuades them to take action.

I also offer ongoing consulting services to help you track your progress and adjust your SEO strategy as needed. Put simply – in the digital world, the higher you rank on search engines, the more accessibility you have to potential clients. Online shopping continues to boom and industries are becoming more digitalized.